Miami Renaissance Festival

The festival was at Cauley Historical Square for the past 3 week-ends and we visited every Sunday, getting to be familiar with many of the participants. Although this location is not as big as the one in Deerfield Beach, the abundance of trees provide a shade in many places, providing shelter from the inclement heat of the sun.
The amount of shows available is great, you can’t go bored over there. Stage shows plus jousting and archery, even tug of war in the Field of Dreams. Nice food and drinks and a killer frozen mojito at the Good Knight Pup, where the Grand Finale took place every night before they closed the festival at sunset. Lots of dancing, music and good vibes. Everyone friendly and very family oriented.
As many of you know, we have gotten rid of our big DSLR system and are shooting mostly with Leica gear. Leicas are rangefinders, with manual focus. it’s been a learning curve for me, Alfred was used to zone focusing. But a learning curve that I’m enjoying very much and really don’t miss what we did before. Al least we stay clean LOL
All of the images here were taken with the Leica M9P, digital rangefinder, lenses used were 90mm Elmarit f/2.8, 50mm Summilux Asph f1.4, 28 Elmarit f/2.8 Asph, 24mm Elmarit Asph f/2.8, 35mm Summicron Asph f/2 and Voigtlander 35mm Asph f/1.2
Apertures according to the need and circumstance, Auto ISO most of the time although manual ISo and mode for the horses blurs.
We find the contrast and colors out of the camera are outstanding in the Leica files, coupled with the fantastic glass.