Today it is not about photography

Well, in a way, yes. Roxanne used to be a nature phtographer and artist, and now is at home, in Hospice service, brave and strong waiting for the inevitable. Her firnds, either on-line or hard copies, are trying to help her in any way we can, with donations, virtual hugs, kissses, pretty notes, whatever you can think of to make her feel love aorund her.


Ao please, if you can eat a sandwich instead of a full meal one day this week, think of making at lesat a small donation to help this wonderful human being go with dignity and not to have to worry about the bills she is leaving for her loving husband.

Thank you, from their family and for all the women that are victims of cancer every day.

Thank you,



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Impossible Love

This slide show was created during the Miami Street Photography Festival, in Maggie Steber workshop “Miami Mystery”, run by the Leica Akademie and co-led by Tom A. Smith.

Two wonderful teachers, and a week of excitement. This is the third time I take this w/s and hopefully nor the last.

Music by Melody Gardot)

Please view HD.

My appreciation to Jon Saxx (musician in the story and in real life)

and the beautiful lady with the black shoes.

Wynnwood, during Art Basel