Night Life at Mango’s

We have been visiting the disco bar at Ocean Drive lately. It is a rather informal cabaret, with a few tables downstair and others on the balcony upstairs. The shoes start at 8:15Pm and keep going until 2:30AM. Great stuff, folks. You can see it from the bars or reserve a table, where cover charges and minimum comp. are required.
It is a great atmospheres, with very friendly personnel and beautiful decor.
Parking we soul advise to use the garages close by, since valet is really expensive in SoBe. You do not want your night end up with a surprise.

We used the Sony a7Rii with a few lenses, mostly one at a time, out of laziness. Unless you are at a table as we have been, it becomes awkward to be changing lenses. The mirrorless ISO and AF capabilities have not let us down yet. Lenses used are the Sony/Zeiss 55 f/1.8, Sony/Zeiss 16-35/4 and the Sony/Zeiss 35 f/1.4
They all AF, and we have tried different settings. I have to admit that the rotating color lights could work against you or make your shot. Just be patient, use you continuous drive and be flexible.
On the floor


Samba 2


Giving the performers and occasional print will make them very happy and you will probably get eye contact the next time around. What goes around, comes around. Spread the joy and you will get some back!

So here are some the things that are available there, nothing difficult.
Salsa mia

SoBe pixelcropsinger

SoBe mojitoroomBatman

MJ coming in


Second jump

The light

I am the one

Good place, good time

Mango's dancers

MJ impersonator

Are you OK Eddie?

4 thoughts on “Night Life at Mango’s

  1. Your pictures are wonderful. What a fun place! They really showcase the strength of the Sony A7R2 and the Sony/Zeiss lenses. Thanks for sharing them.

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