Seeing Miami Anew

The WordPress family keeps growing. Here is the first entry from our friend Susan.

Visual Personae

I have always enjoyed taking pictures in the natural world.  I have been underwater with a camera, in the swamps, up mountains, abroad and in the USA, but I have always needed to venture out of my familiar territory.  The camera has been a way to share what I have seen and appreciated.  I have always believed that what was interesting was what we were unaccustomed to seeing.   To this end I have lugged around the heaviest equipment you can imagine: lenses, cameras, tripods on airplanes and on my shoulder in parks and on trails in the most exotic locations I could manage to get to. The beauty of the world I live in here in Florida has always escaped my capture, either because I just wasn’t ready to see it or because it was just too familiar (if you want to know what water looks like, don’t ask a fish). Truly, it was time…

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