Macro Photography And Digital Painting

Michael Brown has been very inspirational for me for many years. Check out his work!

"Macro Art In Nature"

I just started back painting some this week. Back to “macro painting”.
Have been looking through some of my older paintings and some of the newer images that I think might work pretty well for what I have in mind.
I enjoy painting within a computer.
To me, … it’s relaxing.
Also, … I have found that art buyers and designers are just as receptive to those digital creations as they are with straight photography.
All is has to be to them is, ………. “different”.
I have also been searching for various canvas textures to print these on now.
There has been some new papers etc. that has come out in the last few years, some of which I have only recently become aware of.
Some cool stuff out there!

The following two images were created in the past few years, … and the one of the frog has been…

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2 thoughts on “Macro Photography And Digital Painting

  1. Fabs — You’ve really gotten me interested in seeing Michael’s work, but his website has sort of expired. How can I get there?

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