8 thoughts on “Exhibit at the Leica Store, Miami

  1. Hi Guys, I have started the long road to mirrorlessness. Currently playing with the OMD EM-5; Adorama gives me 150 play images and the back to the store for full refund. Waiting to see if they come out with a new sensor.

    Next is the Nex-7 AFTER they add a cable release. I like the idea of being able to use my 24 TSE with the Sony.

    Lack of cable release makes using grads difficult.

      1. Hi, I have two remotes for the EM-5; however, you are going to want to get the EM-1 that will be announced on the 10th.

        EM-5: I have Olympus’ remote; I also have a remote from eBay that is a timer for star trails etc.

        I am going to get the EM-1 and my primary; carry the EM-5 as my backup.

  2. My two favourite photographers and a top quality image of both of you together to add to my collection Hooray!

    Now the admonishment! thanks to you two,I am off to my own Leica Shop next week to have a sniff around and I will be sniffing blind.

    During WW2 Dad flew 1 1/2 Tours in Bombers before moving to a Photo Reconnaissance Squadron flying Mosquito’s which started his love affair with Photography. Towards the end of the War and suffering badly with TB Dad was photographing documents for the MOD and there he was introduced to Leica s (I Think) he was not allowed to discuss his work with the MOD with anyone (Sorry Ministry of Defence) but he had a few Leica s and many Zeiss Ikons.

    I will do my own research until I reach the point of indecision and then, (if you don’t mind) I will come crawling to you for advice.

    Great to see the two of you together, my regards to your son.


  3. What a handsome couple! Where did you hide the long lens?? Spit it out. Give it up. I know their there. Your cuz – yours to Alan. LOL

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