Prague, the beautiful city

We just returned from a visit to this amazing city. I had visited many years back, and fell in love with it. So it was our choice and I hear that right now it is the most visited capital in Europe. Judging by the amount of people we saw, yes, it is 🙂
This city had very little destruction during the war and most of its monuments are intact, and to add the beauty of the old city, the river and the iconic Charles Bridge certainly grants the attention.
The prices of lodging and (excellent) food are pretty reasonable, on the “affordable” side, the city is kept very clean and safe. You can find about any kind of service a visitor could want, friendly waiters and people you ask for directions, and if there are any pickpockets or thieves (as in any big city), we really didn’t see any. We felt safe at all times, even begin at the Bridfge with Leicas around our neck at 4AM (only time you can get a relatively empty bridge. We got up early twice, and at 5AM it is daylight already in May, so I can only guess what it will be later on.
We had mixed weather. When we arrived, it was chilly and had isolated showers, to a tremendous downpour one night, fortunately caught us at the hotel. Then it turned very hot, which made it a little difficult to spend as much time outdoors as we would have wanted. Nights were fine, not chilly at all, by the tail end of the trip.
We had a hotel room with skylights that provided excellent views if a little acrobatic abilities and a love for risk to take advantage of the “perches”. I only used the Leica on this ventures one time, afraid to drop the camera down to the group, 4 stories down. This is that one, taken the a 90mm lens and cropped to a pano.
ALl the images here were taken with the Leica M9P, and a few lenses, mainly the 24 Elmarit, the Voigtlander Nokton 35 f/1.2, which I am replacing with the smaller and lighter Leica 35mm and the 50 Lux f/1.4 ASPH.
I will be posting many more images in the next few days, and so will be Alfred. We took a lot of pictures, that it is overwhelming to go through them, let alone prepare for web.
Leica files require very little processing, but I like playing in the computer and add mood to some images, so you will see a mix of straight or enhanced images. Such is my way.
It was a very enjoyable trip and the memories will last forever, especially that we were able to enjoy the company of my son and his wife for a few days.

10 thoughts on “Prague, the beautiful city

  1. Thank you Fabs and Al, I love your photography, it has a mystique and reality which compliment each other and is rare in most photographers. I knew Prague in the late sixties when it was a dark and exciting city and your images take me right back to those times. Still in my late teens we left on the 13th August 1968 only days before the Soviet Union invaded, heady days indeed. Please post more images, they are both beautiful and unique.

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