Never say never: The people project!

If you know me at all, you are aware that I have never been interested in photographing people, especially if they are posed. But with the little camera NEX 7, I had the best time of my life playing incognito paparazzi at Epcot last weekend.Some of them are processed like old pictures, some of them regular. I don’t think any of the subjects were aware and I have no plans to put them in the market. Public place fun only, looking for expressions or character in the faces.
All of them were taken with the Sony 18-200 (effective 27-300) that is being replaced for the Sony older version that has better quality and IS. All of them at ISO 1600 and the maximum focal lens as not to interfere with the subjects.

20 thoughts on “Never say never: The people project!

  1. Wow, this little jewell, takes some awesome images, most impressive your timing, and the facial expressions!! I too don’t do much with people..but this is an eye opener!!! Thks For sharing!! Perhaps so more details on this new camera???

  2. Hi Fabs,
    Very nice job, very interesting subjects! Very well done! Question: What do you do about obtaining “releases” from the subjects? Is it required since you are posting them on line?

  3. I love the brightness and sharp colors. I love taking pics of people in off situations. My point and shoot is a nikon. Thinking i might change in the near future.

  4. No Michael, people never knew. I’m not selling them or entering them in a contest and they were in a public place. I’m not aware that this could cause a problem. Thanks!

  5. This is a point of law I think i can comment on. I have to know this for my photography, which is documentary in nature. (I dont consider myself a pro photographer as you know). In the US you can photograph people without them knowing about it as long as it is not an unreasonable invasion of their privacy, under the 1st Ammendment. You can NOT sell these to a magazine or other buyer without their written concent, however. There are two basic premises that should be considered, invasion of privacy, and profit. Because this is not a commercial blog, that you yourself profit by, you should be ok to post these photographs. Also, if this is shot in a public setting you can photograph unless there is a sign posted that says you can not. Check Long Beach CA for examples of this. You can not sell as stock, for example, but you can post on facebook or your blog as this is not a commercial enterprize that provides a profit for you. Photos of landmarks in Nat Parks may need permission before you can publish for profit but I expect as a professional photographer you know that. You should not post a photo that gives away private information. The law differs from country to country. Great Britain is becoming more stringent in the concept of privacy. And these comments do not take the place of legal council, which I would recommend to really set the stage for how you can and can not capture and post these kinds on images in your State and in the US. ke

    1. Thanks very much for the info, Kat. I think the pics were not an invasion of privacy since they we all taken in plain view of hundreds of people. Just in case, I’ll ask my attorney πŸ™‚

      1. Fair play, Fabs, for sure. But if you ever wanted to use the photos as part of a course on candid photography, (which would be worth taking from you), then I think that would be a profit issue. Its well worth consulting a litigation specialist on, for sure because there is State law and even civil law I am not aware of.

  6. Also forgot to start my comments by saying that some of these images are very striking and lovely. Its not easy to photograph people without them changing before you get a chance to capture the shot you want. In many ways it is more difficult than any other kind of photography. k

  7. Ah, the appeal of street photography. Fun, isn’t it Fabs? No idea how you processed what, but a couple look as though either the detail was set too high, or perhaps overly sharpened, but hey, you’re the photographer.

    Enjoy . . .


  8. I liked the pictures very much, yes I know you don’t like to photograph people, you are more with the Wildlife and Nature Photography.

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