Shark Valley today

Well, bird’s class time again, this time is was the first field trip for the Birds II class, so we headed to Shark Valley. I almost wanted to go to Flamingo for the Spoonbills, but last night was the time change and that meant getting up at 3:00AM to get there on time before they took off, so we settled for the Valley.
There was a lot of activity before they opened the gate, we walked all the way back and we rewarded with a Snowy and a Tri colored fishing, as well as a lot of Green Herons and Little Blues around.

One of todays's blurs.

Later on, the activity was more mellow, although we did see the red shouldered Hawks that seem to be nesting in the back, behind the canal, and the Limping kept screaming from his nest although he didn’t come forward.
Tri-colored Heron giving us a great wingspan.

The Red bellied woodies are planning on nesting but haven’t decided on the tree yet.
Captured at a slow shutter speed.

We tried to do some blurs for a change, with very slow ISO and 1/60 shutter speed. this is always a lottery, since you never know what you are going to get.
Snowy blur

Nice pose from Snowy with capture.

Snowy Egret on capture

Next week-end we go for the Burrowing Owls, hope we are lucky!

6 thoughts on “Shark Valley today

  1. Fabs,

    LOVE the blurs. It’s always fun to play the lottery, as you say.

    Could you tell me about “the bird class”? Where, when, how long?


    1. Thanks, Christine. I’m teaching Birds II at Miami-Dade College, Kendall Campus. I do it every season, starting in January. We have 4 classes left on this term, 3 field trips and one critique session at the end.

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