A Slow Day at Anhinga Trail

There was little action today at the Trail, plus I was distracted with friends, locals and from Colorado. And also playing with the new Hero2 by GoPro, which will be a useful toy once mastered.
We were still able to get a few things going, like the little warbler that no one noticed but me, and made me go on my belly in the middle of the road, jumping around and making my job of catching him a difficult one.

Warbler on the ground, using out of focus grass as foreground.

A little later, the Green Herons at the canal kept us busy and for a fraction of a second, I was able to capture a new pose to add to the collection. I liked the way the vegetation framed the bird and his pose.
Green Heron with head pointed up scanning the sky.

The Anhinga nest that was right before the turn to the left at the end of the paved road, is empty. We were so sorry to see that, because it was a very clean and open nest, that would have given us great images of the chicks. We wonder what could have happened, because there has not been extreme weather conditions since we were at the Trail last.
At the end of the afternoon, the American Bittern came out of the weeds and posed for a while, always surrounded by grass and all sorts of distractions, but it was a treat to see him with his funny triangulations.
American Bittern in the open

It is always refreshing to visit the place, although the black vultures are officially in charge of operations and the park is lending tarps to protect the cars from them. The dead bodies they had hanging in the parking lot last year did not work.

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