Wurdemann’s Heron

We were so thrilled to find this bird at Wako today. She is nesting with a regular Great Blue who just adores her.
Some people call her a White Morph, but having seen those, all white, we didn’t think it was the case.
Jake Paredes told me that is is know as the Wurdemann’s Heron, and some believe it is a cross between the GBH and the GWH (also known as the GBH White Morph).
They are normally found in the Florida Keys,but this specimen came this far north to find her happiness.

4 thoughts on “Wurdemann’s Heron

  1. I saw this beautiful bird in Venice Florida in January 2013 and research it and came across your blog. Thank you, now I know what it is. I hope I am lucky enough to see it again.

  2. Ok this may be crazy, but I just had one of these birds in my backyard, in Kingston Ontario Canada. The head and neck were completely white and it it took a little research to figure it out. I am not sure how it got up here but I thought someone might be interested.
    Mark McMurter
    Kingston Ontario , Kingston

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