Alaska, (Behind the Scenes)

Alfred always had this habit of carrying a point and shoot wherever we go, to document the place and surroundings, a difficult thing to do when you are using long lenses. Lately, I have been doing the same, and carrying a G11 on my pocket. It has been a great idea, and we had a blast taking snapshot in all locations. We originally shot RAW, but from now on, will probably use high quality jpgs to save us work in processing.
So here are some candid moments:

The view from the bush plane on the way to Silver Salmon Creek.

On the way back to Anchorage the next day, Alfred is getting ready to board the little bush plane, which happens to be the coolest thing~!

A view of the two buildings that make Alaska Homestead Lodge.

Alfred is a happy camper on board the ATV, on the way to see the bears.

Yours truly on top of the world. I didn’t realize how steep it was until I saw the picture! One day that is was particularly windy, I thought we were going to be pushed into the ocean. Hanging on the the tripod for dear life.

The original King Eider Hotel, now condemned, and aisle at the airport being used to accommodate the guests.

The Orthodox church in town, as seen from the little museum.

Alfred and I posing for Chris Dodds, who was in St. Paul scouting. Thank you Chris, it was great spending time with you again.

This is the resting place of a soldier that never made it home from the battle and had asked to be buried on top of that hill. In the summer, it is just breathtaking. Not sure about the winter though.

One fisherman at the fish cannery, the place where you eat in town, with the company’s employees. Good food too (most of the time, anyway)

The second sunset they had seen in the year, a view from the hotel’s laundry room, using a Bounce box as a tripod. It was taken 10 minutes to midnight!

Back to SSC, walking our way to where the bears are clamming. It was a bit overcast.

If you look in the center of the image, you can see Mamma bear and a cub, after nursing in front of us.

Chris helping me up at Ridge Wall, with Forrest, our guide, checking out the operation.

One day of miserable weather, rain and wind, on the seal’s beach, trying to photograph the Blue Fox family that lives there. Successfully, if I may say, but not a very nice day, weather wise.

Coming down from the fish cannery after lunch.

And this was NOT with the point and shoot, of course, just sharing a couple of Puffins of mine. Enjoy!

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