Alaska Part l: Silver Salmon Creek

After we spent one night in Anchorage, we took a Regal Air plane to SIlver Salmon Creek, where we had an overnight stay at the Alaska Homestead Lodge. I did this as an afterthought when I was finished booking St. Paul, and it worked out to be a great experience. As it turned out, we hit SSC at an intermediate time, when males have left looking for fish that was not there yet, because the grass was not as nutritious anymore. There were not supposed to be many bears, but the ones that were there were extremely accessible, and we came back with many more keepers than anticipated for such a short stay.

The Lodge is a beautiful house with levels, pictures windows and wooden floors. The owners, James and Sheila are very gracious hosts and know their way around the kitchen very well. Thanks James for introducing me to wild caught salmon. Our guide was very knowledgable and we would really like to go back for a longer stay.

Our guide, Scott.

The bears were very comfortable, let’s say indifferent to human presence. While a mother with two cubs were grazing, they kept coming closer to us as if we were not there, and all of the sudden she laid down and started nursing the cubs right there!!

Cubs were very playful and curious. In the morning, I was down on the ground taking pictures when one of the cubs decided to check me out up close, and our guide (who is with guests all the time for their and the animals’ protection) had to do some hand clapping to discourage the exchange. There was no fear on either part.

The bears are magnificent animals, nest time I hope to get to see the huge males.

Coming next: St. Paul, the Puffins!!

5 thoughts on “Alaska Part l: Silver Salmon Creek

  1. Hola Fabs, hace tiempo que no pasaba por aquí y esta mañana he estado disfrutando un buen rato con las últimas entradas al blog. Me encantan las imágenes de los osos (y eso, a pesar de que yo soy un ornitoadicto, je, je) y muy buen trabajo el que hiciste con el escribano nival, me gusta mucho.
    Un abrazo


  2. WONDERFUL, Fabs! So nice to see these, and to know you had this experience. Its very special to get up close enough to shoot these animals, and know there is no risk to them or to you. I must be content to see them from a distance from a long way away. Thank goodness! Best of luck. Kat Enns

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