Hipstamatic, a Vintage Camera App

There are many applications, or Apps, that will make you enjoy your phone’s picture capabilities. One of my favorites, that needs very little post processing, is the vintage camera Hipstamatic.
Even the look of the App, that portrays an old camera (you can change the skin to taste). It has a square format, with regular or irregular borders, according to the film you choose and a great color variations.

You get a few combinations of films and flash when you first purchase it, and you can add more at a reasonable price, although the ones included are really all you need.

You can set up an account with them to order prints from them and share directly from the phone.
The size of the files can be changed with a lever on the side of the “lens” and go from small, to large and full size. The size you choose depends on your intentions. If you plan to print, I highly recommend you go for the full size.

One thing that I find very important, it to set the framing to precise, instead of the default classic. You can do this by going to your phone Settings, navigating to the Hipstamatic App and chugging the viewfinder mode in there, since you cannot access it from the app itself.
Once you are in the Settings, I also suggest you disable the “Shake to Randomize” ability, or you will find yourself ken pictures with film or lenses other than what you intended to use. You also have the choice of dating your pictures a few years back, to match the vintage look.

In your Gallery, if you like the look of a certain picture, you are given the choice to replicate that look, changing the settings of the camera to replicate what you used, a very convenient feature.
The Kodot XGrizzled film and lens have very vivid colors, and a charming irregular border, while BlackKeys and Claunch give you great monochromes.

You have the choice of films, flash and lenses, so it is great to experiment to find your favorites. Check it out, you area going to love it!

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