Wakodahatchee is Rocking!

Last week I had the opportunity to go to Wako, our familiar term for Wakodahatchee Wetlands, in Palm Beach, taking my Miami-Dade Birds class. There was a lot of activity, Great Blue Heron chicks are grown and demanding, flapping wings and driving Mom crazy, while some of the adults are “sky pointing” getting ready for a second nesting chance. Black necked Stilts have arrived and are mating and flying around, I’d say, at least two dozen birds. Tri colored Herons are beginning the nesting season and are carrying branches to the island by the first gazebo (best chance for images) and in the islands in the back. Great Egrets are sporting green lores and long plumes and the usual array of Ibises and Cattle Egrets, also in the best plumage and colors.
If you have the chance, don’t miss a trip. You will be rewarded.

7 thoughts on “Wakodahatchee is Rocking!

  1. Great stances and actions, I have missed seeing your photos, and hearing from you. Lots of new photos here.

    Best wishes from Bruce and Kat

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