Northern Hawk Owl

We went up to Canada a couple of weeks ago, with Chris Dodds as our guide, to try and get Owls. Although this has been the worst year for Owls in many, he still managed to find us some. It was a great workout walking in knew deep snow with all the gear.
Here are a few shots from my favorite bird. I’m still to process the rest of the pics, since we were camping at Blue Cypress this weekend. So many pictures, so little time. I hope you enjoy!

5 thoughts on “Northern Hawk Owl

  1. Fabs, YOU are KILLING ME!!
    Those are AMAZING PHOTOS!!…LOVE THEM…OVER THE TOP GREAT wish I were there!!! Rats….
    Maybe next time….
    Love to know your settings////

  2. Wow! God bless motor drives. Thanks for all the effort and patience to share with us. These are great shots. The third shot with the wings forward and just enough of the eye on top and the talons on the bottom really leave that wild impression of what your watching. Marvelous –

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