Anhinga Trail report

Sunday afternoon, Alfred and I went scouting to Anhinga Trail, the most popular location at Everglades National Park. This year we noticed a bit more activity than in the last coupe of years, although the water levels are still high, there are a lot of Cormorants and Anhingas, many of these in full breeding plumage, and the usual suspects, Great Blues, Little Blues, Tricolored Herons, Green Herons, Wood Storks and of course, the Black Vultures.
Vultures have been behaving this year, I checked with the honorary vulture chaser, the lady at the gift shop, and she reported no major incidents yet (due to chewing of car rubber seals).
Last year the situation got bad and there had to hang two dead vultures in the parking lot (corpses officially obtained at the dumpster) to discourage attacks. Not sure if this strategy worked, but it sure was disturbing to visitors.
Cormies fish in the front canal and there is a juvenile Great Blue that is stalking them to get a free meal. Funny, how they interact. Sometime the Blue is lucky, other times he is not.
Osprey is still around and Red Shouldered and Kingfishers are keeping a safe distance, not wanting to be photographed.
I was disappointed we didn’t see the Short tailed Hawk again, but we got to see the American Bittern who lives in the crossroad at the front. He’s been out both our visits, so he must be getting blind and think he is not visible.
Lots of tourists, and the last time we were there, we saw cars parked outside the parking lot, by the entrance, a first for us. It looks like it will be a good year for the park.
Here are some from the last visit. All with the 100-400, since we didn’t want to carry the big lens nor the tripod.

3 thoughts on “Anhinga Trail report

  1. looks like a few weeks a big difference makes. I was there right after Xmas and there were tons of tourists; and lots of cormorants and anhingas in the back area but nothing like the hey day when 20+ cormorants would line up on the front end. It’s still early though.

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