Central Florida, in a Day’s Work

No tent this time, school was out and we couldn’t find a few feet where to put up the tent in any campground in the area. Boring motel room it was. Just overnight, so no biggie.
We drove up to the Kissimmee/Orlando area and worked the less travelled roads. It was partly cloudy, with moments of light and moments of total overcast, which made it possible to start photographing the minute we got there, around 2PM. We had white an amazing afternoon. Of course, to make up for the next morning, which was cool and rainy and a total loss is you ask me.
It was worth the trip, though, had here’s some form the first day.

10 thoughts on “Central Florida, in a Day’s Work

  1. I think you do better work “sleeping” in a motel than in a tent! YES – I wanna move to Florida too. Beautiful images. Thanks for sharing your day.

  2. Fantastic results for what it seems a really, really productive photographic day. I really can´t believe how much cooperative are the birds in Florida. Love the soft light and and the flights… oh, I almost forget to mention the great portrait of the limpkin (?)… did I mentioned the nice crane images? 🙂

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