Everglades, All in a Day’s Work

Earlier this week, we decided to check out the activity in the park and went camping for one night, at the Flamingo ground. We got there well in the afternoon, an by the time we set up the tent and got out, there was not too much light, since the day was cloudy. All we did that evening were the Grebes at Mzareck Pond. We cooked and went to bed (ha!) early, so we’d be up before sunrise and that we did.
We spent most of the morning looking for Red shouldered Hawks and Kestrels, because the Osprey we can better at the Lake. They are nesting in Flamingo already, the tall nest across the marina is active and we spotted a couple more nests around, plus a lot of activity carrying fish and nesting materials. For the first time, we saw an adult Bald Eagle there, only juveniles before. Not enough light the first time, when it flew over our heads chasing an Osprey to take away the fish, and too far the second time around.
The campground was full of Killdeers, and of course, we took a while with them. Very skittish, but if you were patient, full framers with a converter and a crop factor.
After lunch in Log Pine Key, we spent the afternoon at Anhinga Trail, and was pleasantly surprised to see a lot of activity, Cormies fishing and chasing each other and Mr. American Bittern was out and posing for head shots.
The weather was cloudy and breeze, making the stay very pleasant. There are a few Anhinga nests going and the birds have the beautiful blue and green eyes and punk hairdos.
To top it all, we had a Short tailed Hawk, dark phase, fly over us and do a few rounds. Al fred had seen one before but I had only spotted and photographed the white phase, so this was really exciting.
We believe, that although water levels are high, there is a lot of potential for a good year.
All pics here are on the same day, except for the Grebes.

7 thoughts on “Everglades, All in a Day’s Work

  1. Fabs,
    I really enjoyed your blog and I have to tell you that the photos are amazing as always. I’ve never seen a vulture that looked so great!!!!
    I have admired your work for a long time. You have been such an ispiration to me. .

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