Great Egret Fight

We witnessed this fight early today, at Mzarek pond, ENP. It was just a few minutes after sunrise, the sun was still leaving the pond in the shade, it’s backlit a little later. These row had been following each other and brutally grabbing each other by the neck, and I got some usable poses.
The day was beautiful, chilly, but not cold, a few puffy clouds on blue sky and the Osprey are around staring to build nests, even a few females are sitting on eggs. Also, RShs are mating and screaming and the Kestrel was around, if a little skittish.
Well, here’s what I got.

4 thoughts on “Great Egret Fight

  1. Thanks for sharing Fabs. You maay know these are my favorite bird for beauty. I always think of them as big graceful gentle creatures so these images were amazzing to me. Should I assume this is part of a maing ritual? Number two was my favorite and #3 was close behind. Great job on the light for such a tough DR.

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