Flicker versus Starling

Earlier this year, our friend Judy Lynn called us shot of breath and very excited, that there were a pair of Flickers being chased out of their brand new nest by a gang of Starlings. We happen to have the afternoon off and we headed to Green Cay Wetlands, and joined Judy and a couple more photographers. Everything seemed calmed at the moment, but as the afternoon progressed, we could see the Starlings gang up and look and conspire to see which one would attack first.
It wasn’t long before the attack started, first one, then a handful of them. To follow this action with such magnification (600mm) on a crop factor camera was no easy feast, they rolled up and down and everywhere, and it was not until they were at the cavity that we could snatch a few frames. One of mine got a Highly Honored at Nature’s Best and Alfred’s a Top Ten at NANPA this year. Thanks for the heads up, comadre.
Starlings are not endemic to the States and were introduced here in the late 1800s by a Shakespeare fan who wanted every species mention in the Bards works to be here. Today, there are millions of them, considered a nuisance by cattle operations and aviation, and they pose a threat to many cavity nesters. We were witness to the latter.

4 thoughts on “Flicker versus Starling

  1. What a superb sequence of perfect images and to be taken on an 800mm + Crop camera makes me wince (I sometimes wonder why I bought my 800 as I hardly ever use it)

    My sympathies regarding the Starlings as they are a real plague menace over here as well (classified as a noxious pest) and my air rifle dispatches every bird that is on my property.

    Gret stuff Fabs.

    Love Chris

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