The Creative Process

The creative process

I guess it’s different for everyone.

For me, it begins on sleepless nights, when the sandman makes my room his last stop.
Daytime does not work, too much going on, colors, movement, lights, the phone, e-mails,
work, gym, errands.
Oh, but when the long hours of darkness catch me awake, I begin fishing for ideas in the total blackness . Sometimes I look in the files of memory, an unfinished idea, a picture that I’d like to say something about. Others, I use my imagination, what if…?
I tried not to get up and write in the invisible paper with the ink of my memory, forming a draft, changing words. Not easy to find the perfect word with limited use of a second language. By the time sleep comes, I know exactly what I’ll write and how.

Morning, I head straight to my notebook. Yes, pen and paper. No red underlining of my typos, or green correcting my grammar. I’ll worry about that later. I’m probably the only one who understands my notes, but then and only then do I go to the machine and type my precious reverie.

How does it work for you? How does the muse approach you?

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