An HDR heaven in Miami

One of Miami’s best kept secret it the Gold Coast Railroad Museum located at the entrance of Miami MetroZoo. For HDR aficionados, the place will be a treat.

The museum has several lines of trains under one hangar, with four or five locomotives/cars, and more outside. These couple of images will give you an idea of the inside opportunities

In contrast to the trains inside the hangar, the ones outside are in different states of repair or rather disrepair …. which is where the fun begins !!! You will find very dilappadated trains tailor made for HDR images, both for inside or outside images. Samples below.

After working the entire cars, you could go for details, you will have many to choose from, and at the end of the day,  for change of pace, you could go for the model trains. The models are on a building to the side and its air conditioned … a welcome relief. For these, I would suggest trying some motion panning blurs. Trains are predictable so good results can be expected, try different shutter speeds and focal length.

I hope you enjoyed the images from the  museum and will get to visit it.  Except fot two persons, all the Staff is on voluntary basis.

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