When you can’t land…

Machias Sea Island, a small rock island that serves as nesting ground for Atlantic Puffin, Razorbills, and other species, could be a rough destination. We booked two trips in case of inclement weather. Sure enough, the second trip, although we left port, the swells did not allow us to land and the trip had to be a pelagic experience. The bigger boat stayed out in the open, and the passengers took turns in the landing boat, going around the island to see the birds floating or flying about.
You can get there from Jonesport (two hours ride each way), or Cutler (45 minutes ride each way).
If you are lucky and get to land, the hides are a beautiful experience, even it they are a tight quarter. Birds get as close as 5 feet from you and even stand on top of the hide, which makes for a very loud experience. As I understand, the weather has not been very cooperative this year, not making many trips possible. Fog and rough seas being the main reason for not leaving port. You can also get to the island, and not land. Landing could be a traumatic experience in good conditions, so waves crashing into the landing spot will just make it impossible.
The whole Maine trip was a delightful experience, even when we didn’t have the best weather.
More to como about Moosehead Lake and Moose and Loons…

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